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The Walking Dead Rules TV – Can These Comic Book Zombies Feast on the Big Screen?

Non-stop action from start to finish, this one is a great deal of fun, if a little goofy in both tone and the CGI effects used. Some of the gore is mighty impressive whereas other computer enhanced images are just distracting, but when they start blowing up famous French landmarks with rocket launchers, the visual winks at the audience manage to pull it all through.

Ultimate Zombie Feast

Good stuff. Dead Hungry is impeccably charming, and very funny indeed, with a wicked little bite at the end that makes it simply irresistible. As much as I liked the remake I'd rather see a sequel either to stars series Connect with us. Share Tweet. Don't Miss: HoldYourBreath Click to comment.

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Tom hirko. Kidz is by far the worst of the bunch, packed full of terrible acting, a shoddy script and predictable outcome. But you already knew that — anything which uses the letter 'Z' to indicate a plural should be avoided. It's difficult to dislike any of them, though even Kidz since the intentions behind even the worst of them seem entirely honourable.

Most inventive and fun of the lot is It Came From the West , a zombie puppet show with a Western theme. It's a nice counterbalance to the cheap, occasionally samey looking digital video with its over-reliance on filters and dingy grey palettes.

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It's like Meet The Feebles crossed with Rango , offering the best visuals of the set, a bawdy sense of humour and a hilariously gory chainsaw battle at the end. It's the sweetest course of the feast as well as the best looking. It's perfectly placed as a palate cleanser for those who might be feeling a little full.

I'd certainly had my fill by the time I'd finished with Zomblies.

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Perhaps the most worthwhile is Savages , India's little contribution to the buffet. It looks the cheapest but its likeable characters and great jungle setting make it the most substantial snack.

Zombie Grammar Rules, Part 2: Feast on Brains with Skyword Editors

There are very few zombies in this Indian zombie movie, but when they do arrive they're bloody nasty. If nothing else, it's nice to say that I've seen an Indian zombie movie. Its main contribution is a lot of very loud crying and wailing. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join.

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