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Their inner selves are executed in the form of transparent children, who are holding out their hands through the grating.

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A greater understanding of kitsch might help with this. In art and craft the effect of the destabilising plurality of postmodernism is a levelling of high and low culture, the traditional boundaries between say popular culture and high art have weakened and the results can be confusing.

The idea of good taste and bad taste are blurred by irony. Good taste requires that a person is properly educated to appreciate some of the finer more nuanced aspects of the the given art form. Kitsch emerges when these clear territories blur and break, cross overs Hybrids come into being which combine features of both high and low culture such as: The Matrix, Jerry Springer the Opera, Pop Art, The Comedy Panel show and so on.

Kitsch is not combining anything it is simply something bad, which is appreciated because of its low, or bad qualities ironically often combined with nostalgia. Appreciating something for its kitsch qualities is controversial; what is the difference between watching reality TV ironically and simply watching it? Milov may have marred Lenin with the shell or he might have saved the icon for a more sympathetic future.

Whatever the message its is a highly postmodern move, replacing something serious and real with something fictional and popular,.

Just when it seemed to some that western liberal capitalism had totally won and represented the best of all worlds,. Coca Cola, Hollywood movies and the rule of law was not going turn the rest of the globe into America minor,. In the post-historical period there will be neither art nor philosophy, just the perpetual caretaking of the museum of human history.

While election fraud was occurring on the streets and in the electoral commissions of Odessa, the world was instead paying attention to the oddly charming Vader story. I too was seduced by it. Is it better to survive in a shell that mocks your legacy?

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