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Koleweskie Jadlo was his first and perhaps his most grand attempt to elevate Polish cuisine. Drzewiecki, in fact, might have a Polish cuisine savior complex — there is literally a knight in shining armor at the threshold of the restaurant.


Karczma Greenpoint Ave. Manhattan Ave. Every aspect is geared to gin up affection for the old world. Dense peasant bread with a side of spice-and-bacon-studded lard; just a trout grilled, no big deal , side of fries; and slightly sour white borscht served in a bowl of bread with a hard-boiled egg floating in it like an oversize amoeba. Noble St.

The presence of Christina is felt strongly in her modest, eponymous restaurant on Manhattan Avenue. Hers is the tanned face — same smile, immovable coif of blonde hair — staring from the framed photographs of celebrities on the exposed brick wall. However, her wheelhouse continues to be home-style Polish favorites like tender beer-braised pig knuckles, small footballs of stuffed cabbage with tomato sauce, and crispy meat pierogi with a traditional plum sauce.

1. Introduction

This is one of the favorite polish dishes during the holiday and carnival period. Mushroom and cheese filling, enclosed in a delicious, semi-crust pastry. We recomend patties after heating, when cheese acquires a pleasant, soft texture. A great snack every day! The perfect dinner option. Croquettes with meat is a treat for everyone. A delicious, perfectly seasoned stuffing in a crunchy pancake will spoil the palate of every gourmet.

Croquette goes well with homemade borscht, but it is so well prepared that it does not require any additions. Crispy patty filled with delicious cabbage and aromatic mushrooms. It tastes great in a classic duet with red borscht, but it is equally tasty without any additions. Lovers of this snack will certainly not be disappointed.

Croquettes with classic cabbage and mushroom filling, perfect for serving with warm borscht. We recommend not only for the festive table, but also as a variety of dinner, instead of traditional sandwiches. Croquettes with mushrooms and cheese is a delicious combination of aromatic mushrooms and smooth and mellow cheese.

Enjoy your meal! Delicious noodles with fresh cabbage, mushrooms and meat is an uncomplicated, but surprisingly good dish for every occasion. Tasty with onion and a handful of spices. Something for people who value variety on a plate. Classic potato dumplings thanks to spinach gain a new, original taste that will appeal to the youngest household members. Classic pancakes made of soft dough, generously filled with delicious cottage cheese. We have broken the taste of sweet cheese with an acidic accent of candied cherry, creating a real feast for the palate.

Made from excellent pork with the addition of carefully selected blend of spices. Premium quality product. This traditional thick ham sausage is made from carefully selected pork. It tastes exquisite and is the perfect accompaniment to any kind of bread. This is a popular and well-known snack. The sausages are prepared from selected, medium ground meat with a hint of spices which give them an ideal spicy flavour. The prime smoked and dried mini kabanoses with a distinct hint of chilli peppers make an ideal snack for any successful party. An excellent choice for a quick breakfast or a warm dinner.

Frankfurters — thin pork sausages, go perfectly with a mustard. They taste the best when are served hot. A slight pepper flavour and masterly quality are their distinguishing features. These delicious thin sausages taste great cold as well as hot — boiled or grilled.

Delicious sausages made from premium quality turkey meat. Through the process of smoking and blanching they gain excellent crispness and juiciness and they simply melt in your mouth. Not surprisingly, after eating one you are tempted to reach for the next.

Antioxidants of Edible Mushrooms

Excellent sausages made from high quality pork. Their tender taste is highlighted by well-balanced composition of spices. Ideal for many occasions: as a solo snack, with any sauce, in a pie or a sandwich. Fans of subtle flavours will love these sausages made from tender rabbit meat. Very tasty make an ideal snack for the whole family. A great bacon with an appetizing aroma of herbs, with a noticeable garlic accent. It works as a stylish banquet snack. Snack with a tender consistency and delicious taste. Ideal for breakfast and supper, as a cold or hot dish.

We recommend them for cocktail stick appetizers with cheese and vegetables.

The Absolute Best Polish Restaurant in Greenpoint

Classic sausage made from high quality pork. Smoked, scalded and spiced with a carefully selected blend of natural seasonings smells and tastes great. Top quality pork with the addition of delicious veal. Its excellent taste and smoky aroma will impress any consumer. Raw and steamed white sausage on offer. Lard with the addition of dried plums, creating a perfect contrast to the taste of lard and onions. It goes perfectly with wholemeal bread and it is difficult to imagine a better snack on a cold winter day. Exquisite sausage is an offer for lovers of lean meats. It is characterized by a specific, rich aroma of meat with a slight hint of smoking, presents a characteristic gray eye in cross-section.

Prepared without pickling. Anyone who has ever tasted the traditional, original sheep cheese, shares the delight of its taste. White version has as many fans as popular smoked the equivalent of — we recommend to try both! It is easy to cut them in slices and dosed as a snack … But beware! Delicious taste can make you instantly disappear from the table. Flail is a perfect cheese for a snack, an appetizer or as a salad ingredient. Excellent flavor and fun form of braid, it will quickly become the darling of every young dainty taste.

Also, milder taste of oscypek makes a culinary journey to Podhale want to start just the courbash. In the highland the kitchen often appears as a stuffing for dumplings or as a component of sheep cheese dumplings, so-called. Great choice for a meal of traditional regional character. Delicate, clear sweet, creamy … Bundz is a definite favorite for lovers of soft flavors. It can be cut into slices or lubricated as cottage cheese, but regardless of the route of administration, superbly enrich the daily meal.

Delicate, milky taste goes hand in hand with a distinctive aroma, reminiscent of breakfast on the idyllic village. Thanks to the small size is perfect, pocket-sized snack, but also taste delicious grilled or fried. The installment white, smoked, has a milder taste and softer texture. By using real milk with unchanged biological value, this creamy yoghurt is not only extremely tasty, but also rich in live bacteria, beneficial to health. Delicious, thick cream is a treasure in the kitchen, because of the variety of applications.

Produced from good and healthy milk from cows rural, without a trace of artificial additives or chemicals. There has also unnecessary enhancers in the form of pectin, starch, locust bean gum or thickeners.


Natural, healthy kefir is a rich source of beneficial bacteria cultures, yet tasty and satiating drink. It has a great, sour taste — expressive, but harmonizing with the many extras. It is worth to try it as a base for smoothies. The presence of probiotic bacteria in kefir easily identified by the swollen lid packaging. Fresh curd country with a delicate texture and a great natural taste.

This is one of the most versatile products in the kitchen, an excellent solo, with spices, as stuffing dumplings or dough ingredient. Exceptional butter of the highest quality milk, hand molded in the classic shape of the whetstone. With creamy great spread on bread. Enchants authentic, creamy taste and the fresh smell of real butter. Tasty, fresh curd rural handmade in the key way and stamped on canvas. There are excellent, creamy-cream flavor, and thanks to a smooth consistency is ideal for sandwich spread. We recommend to try out as a component of spring salads!

Cheese of the best, rural milk, excellent for baking and raw. Great, delicate flavor and optimal melting behavior makes lasagne with his participation will come out delicious. We recommend to try also as a component of salads with tomatoes and basil, or as a filling for pies.

Mozzarella-type cheese in the desiccated, comfortable and versatile to use. Check the pizzas, casseroles, salads, and all the dishes quickly. Delicious, really cheesy taste, excellent melting properties and pleasant toughness make it a popular choice for gourmets of Italian cuisine. It is a real delicacy ideal for any feast.

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Splendid lard in a classic combination with onion and greaves. Tastes incredibly delicious with fresh bread and cucumber — an ideal snack for hiking. A perfect choice if you want to go on a trip and take with you some regional flavour. A real delicacy for those who appreciate tender juicy and aromatic meats from jars. Delicate chunks of bacon, minced and spiced, delight with their taste and aroma. Ideal for spreading on bread. Can be stored for a long time. A carefully selected blend of spices with herbal notes brings out its exquisite taste and makes it a delicacy, with a multidimensional flavour and aroma — a gem for connoisseurs of cold meats.

A delicate veal pate with pork, enriched with aromatic spices. A rarity among pates with a mild flavor and fluffy texture. It goes perfectly with fresh, crispy bread. A classic sandwich topping with a perfect creamy texture and skilfully spiced flavour. Thanks to the handy packaging you can enjoy its taste longer. This sausage is a perfect combination of the highest quality game meat with pork.

Its tenderness and characteristic shape make it an ideal snack. Pickles in aromatic liquid, pass the aromas of herbs and become perfect, intensely sour taste. Sauerkraut with carrot is a very successful combination of taste, the classic fried fish. Well connected with other dishes — especially recommend to try to stews, roasts or dumplings.

Armillaria exquisitely cooked with garlic, ideal as fillings for dumplings and pies, in addition to casseroles, as well as a great base for the sauce. There are special, mushroom and garlic aroma and delicious taste. Stewed boletes, cooked perfectly and subtly seasoned, it is true, mushroom deal. Perfect for exquisite dishes, including soups, sauces and stews. With the closure of the jar, you can reach for a taste of autumn at any time of the year!

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  6. It works perfectly as a salad addition, filling the ears or dumplings or base delicious gravy. Elderberry syrup is a delicious product from black elder fruit and sugar. Perfect as an addition to any drinks or desserts. Quince syrup is a product from cold pressed quince juice and sugar. Perfectly underline the taste of tea, perfect instead of lemon. Cranberry syrup is a product from cranberry juice and sugar. Perfect as a distinctive addition to tea, drinks or desserts.

    Delicious syrup prepared from the young shoots of pine trees, rich in vitamin C, minerals and essential oils. Goes well not only in the tea, but also added to the pancakes. Flowers of elderberry captivate with a wonderful fragrance, they also create a valuable syrup with a unique taste and aroma.

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    Perfect as a daily addition to tea. Quince in syrup is another great addition for hot tea. It is distinguished by an amazing, intense aroma and characteristic, sour taste. Perfectly enriches the taste of desserts and cakes, it is also suitable for compote. Quince is a fruit just right for tea. It has an intense flavor and aroma. It will perfectly replace lemon or other additives. This splendid Silesian sausage does well not only for a main dish but also for side dish as well as a soup accompaniment.

    Excellent candied plums shrounded in milk chocolate. Plums in chocolate do not contain vegetable fats other than cocoa, mainly do not contain palm oil.

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    The product also has no artificial aromas, dyes or preservatives. Exquisite delicacy made with candied orange peel, doused with an excellent chocolate. Fruit interior, hidden under a crispy shell impresses with fullness orange flavor and aroma. This rarity is ideal as a dessert on Christmas table or as a treat for special occasions.

    Where to try it: Easy to eat one-handed and on the go, pirozhki are perhaps the most commonly available street food in Russia. Vendors set up stalls in parks and on street corners hoping to tempt passers-by with an aroma of freshly baked pastry. There are countless variations on the recipe, some calling for the addition of tomato paste, mustard or paprika. Legend has it the dish was named after the Stroganovs, a family of merchants who enjoyed immense wealth and power during the reign of the Tsars.

    What better way to leave your mark on history than lending your namesake to one of the most beloved icons in the traditional Russian cookbook? A winter favourite, Solyanka is prepared from choice cuts of meat, slow-cooked for several hours. A common recipe involves both cured and fresh beef as well as ham and sausages. Onions, carrots, garlic, peppers and tomato are added, with an array of other vegetables and herbs for extra colour.

    Where to try it: Each region of Russia has its own version of Solyanka, but the Tatar version is particularly unique. Kazan , the capital of Tatarstan is a fascinating stop on the Trans-Siberian railway. The secret ingredient? Horse meat. But prepared for a bit of a shock when the dish arrives as a multi-coloured mountain of diced potatoes, carrots, pickles, peas, eggs and several kinds of meat, all of it overdosing in an avalanche of mayo. A salad in the loosest definition of the world, Olivie is neither a healthy or sophisticated dish despite being invented in Russia by a French-Belgian chef, Lucien Olivier , but it is delicious, in a potato salad on steroids sort of way!

    The establishment is no longer around today but its most famous invention is still served all over town. Desserts have a special place in Russian food culture as well. One particularly decadent pastry found all over Russia is Medovik honey cake. This soft, sticky, crumbly and creamy cake looks impressive and tastes divine, made up of multiple layers supposedly 15 is the ideal number of ginger and cinnamon spiced honeyed pastry, with sweetened sour cream and condensed milk sandwiched in between. Sweet tooth? You want this.

    Despite its reputation as a delicacy, caviar is an acquired taste. The jelly-like,burst-in-your-mouth beads have an intense briny and fishy flavour. Caviar is the salt-cured eggs and roe traditionally extracted from wild and now highly endangered sturgeon.